My name is Shelly Sellers and online I am known as Cosmetic Mom. I started working at home in 2001 with a cosmetic direct sales company and the name, Cosmetic Mom, was my user name on forums and user name just stuck with me.

Before working online, I was in the “retail” business since 1975. I loved setting up store displays and merchandising and really miss it.

I never have done a lot of entertaining and always found it stressful to clean the house, cook, entertain ( I do love this part ) and clean up. Some people are natural hostesses, and some, well we like to go to a party, but are not fond of entertaining in our home 🙂

Since I love babies, getting together with friends and family, I decided to create this website to show you do not have to be Martha Stewart to have a party, but there are many choices in party and decorating kits that make being a baby shower hostess, easier!

Happy Pregnant Mom
Happy Pregnant Mom

I started writing about my passion for hosting easy baby showers on Squidoo (now HubPages) in 2007 and decided it was time to share all my favorite ideas on one website!

My other 3 websites are Christian related  and with 4 websites, you can find me easily by submitting comment below.

My favorite baby shower party suppliers are on this website and each item  was hand-picked by me. Since I am a natural “shopper” and I love keep up on the new and popular baby shower supplies and I hope you enjoy these  products and ideas too!

Do you have a baby shower photo to share, please submit a comment below, and I will get back with you!

Thanks for stopping by Easy Baby Shower and taking the time to visit my profile.


~Shelly Sellers


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