Blue boy couples baby shower invitation wording

Stumped for ideas on what to write on a baby shower invitation? Check out these hip, trendy and modern baby shower invitation wording and saying ideas.

Each baby shower invitation already has words, poems and catchy phrases to use! You can choose a  baby shower invitation with a written phrase, poem, or quote or come up with your own wording and make the invitation at home.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Quote

The invitation has a graphic of a happy mom and dad with a blue gift box around the mom-to-be’s tummy. Baby shower invitation wording can be:

We will see how she
looks wearing baby drool!
Work, shopping
and cooking too,
Modern Moms have
it all to do!

Fall Baby Shower Invitation
Fall Baby Buggy Baby Shower Invitation Wording

An Invitation for the young and fashionable mom-to-be! This customize card has a fun and hip pregnant woman pushing a buggy loaded with presents in a Fall scene.


She’s looking fabulous
and feeling great
A baby is on the way
and we can’t wait!

Mixed couples Baby Invitations
Pregnant Couple Baby Shower Invitation

Couple’s invitation comes in skin tones with this wording:

They are expecting a baby,
a new bundle of joy
A very special gift
be it a girl or boy

Couples Baby Invitations
Couple’s Baby Shower Invitations

Invitation for a happy couple’s baby shower printed with the sentiment:

An adorable baby

is on the way
Let us shower
the parents with
gifts before the big day.

Baby Shower Invitations
Baby’s Room Shower Invitation

rock a bye baby in tree shower invite
Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower Invitation

Adorable invitation of a baby in a basket, in a tree printed with the wording:

Rock-a-bye baby,
on the treetop.
When the wind blows,
the cradle will rock.

Cute Modern Mom and Baby Girl Baby Sprinkle Custom Invitation
Cute Modern Mom and Baby Girl Baby Shower Invitation

The wording on this invitation invitation says:

Let’s get the set ready
for the star of this sequel,
Instead of a shower,
we forecast a sprinkle.

You may remember the
first was a Mister,
Now join us in
welcoming his first
little Sister!

Not much is needed,
just the basics will do,
Such as diapers and clothes,
and a bib or two.

So let’s eat some
good food and fun
games we will play,
We hope you can come,
it would just make
our day!

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