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Hosting a baby shower can be stressful if you are a first-time hostess. You may be having a difficult time even starting the baby shower party and that is to be expected. Not every woman has the entertaining abilities of Martha Stewart!

Some people have never hosted a baby shower before and need some ideas to get started. With a few ideas, pictures, and baby shower party supplies, you can host a party that may surprise you!

I decided to create this site to help a hostess with easy baby shower ideas, and tips, for someone is new at having a shower. If you fall into this category, you may be just looking for some baby shower party planning tips and need some inspiration.

Not all people have the space or want to have a party in their home…that is just fine! To be honest, I prefer having a party either outside or in another place, my home just doesn’t have the space for a party, except in the backyard.

Don’t feel bad about finding another location for your baby shower, it does take a lot of work to prepare and clean up, so having it at another venue works!

baby shower on back porch
Baby shower on back porch

Photo credit: Pamela White.
The first planning tip I have is to enlist the help of a family member, friend or even your spouse. When 2 or more of you start brainstorming, it will make your baby shower planning more enjoyable and less work for one person.

It is always less stressful when you have extra help and with the busy lives we lead today, it helps to have someone help you so your work is easier.

Baby shower on back porch photo credit: Pamela White.

The remainder of this baby shower planning site will help the you pick a baby shower theme, invitations, party favors and ways to easily decorate your party space through the use of party kits (see below), pre-made party favors, decorations and printed invitations (or fill them in yourself).

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